Why Replace with GasketGuy?

'...We have been using Gasket Guy for many years, where we have continued to get a first class service.'

Andrew Dover: Operations Consultant McDonald's Restaurants

The gasket is the flexible seal around the outer edge of the refrigeration appliance that provides an airtight seal. Gaskets that become worn, brittle or cracked allow air to circulate past the insulated doors which causes the temperature to drop, warming the food inside thus creating a greater risk for spoilage. Cracked gaskets pose a health hazard by providing an ideal, hard-to-clean breeding ground for salmonella and other disease causing microorganisms.

Faulty gaskets also make the motor run overtime wearing out expensive equipment early and raising the cost of your electricity bill!

Gaskets are one of the many areas checked by your Environmental Health Officer and if they are found to be faulty you may only have two weeks in which to get them replaced.

Why Gasket Guy?

GasketGuy works on all makes and models and can even handle old and out of production models that no one else can supply. We provide expert installation of custom manufactured gaskets using original equipment extrusions. Be aware that general purpose, one-size-fits all gaskets just do not work.

Many refrigeration companies admittedly hate doing gaskets, which may account for the high cost and the delay in getting the job done.

GasketGuys love replacing gaskets and this is clearly demonstrated in our quality of work, our attention to detail, our unparalleled turnaround time and our incredibly low prices.

Experience what General Managers, chefs and owners of restaurants, hotels, and many other catering establishments know about our company. For them, it is a simple phone call to GasketGuy and gaskets are the one thing they do not have to worry about for an upcoming health department or corporate inspection.

All it takes is one phone call and you, too, can understand why Gasket Guy is the largest manufacturer and installer of commercial refrigerator gaskets and the only choice for tens of thousands of restaurant and commercial kitchens across the UK, Europe, Canada and USA.

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...I have now used GasketGuy several times. The cost of the seals is very reasonable, the speed of service is excellent and the job is always done perfectly...
Chris Jones - General Manager of the Dart Marina Hotel and Spa, Dartmouth.

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Do you struggle to find replacement gaskets for your customers or have to wait weeks or months for them to arrive?

GasketGuy works with many service companies and refrigeration engineers helping them to give a fast and efficient service to their customers.

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