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'...Having used GasketGuy several times, I have to say that I am very impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail.'

Bob Thomas, Diamond Refrigeration, East Devon

This freezer seal and fridge seal can be used on Gram, King under-counters, Valera refrigerators and freezers. As a new profile to GasketGuy we are still matching to other appliances on inspections.

Aprox dimentions are:

Height -base to top =10mm

Height -tip of dart to top of seal = 19mm

Width (widest) =19mm

Height of dart = 8mm

Width of dart (widest) = 6mm

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Measuring & Ordering

When ordering gaskets please make sure you list:

  1. The right gasket number and prefix letter (E,F or A)
  2. How many sides you need gasket/magnet to be. (some walk ins have only 3)
  3. Some gaskets don't have a magnet on the hinge side therefore check if the hinge side of the gasket has a magnet and identify this on your order stating on which side is the hinge.
  4. The make and model number of each appliance so we can cross reference the gasket required.
  5. The colour of the gasket is shown on the product info. If colour is important please check before placing the order the colour of the gasket required.
  6. The exact size of the old gasket from outside edge to outside edge in mm.

With all dart type gaskets we need the following measurements:

Size Guide